Advanced Powerlifting Block 1.0

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Advanced Powerlifting Block (1.0)

Programmed by Powerlifting Specialist Kane Stewart.

Coach Kane has been the owner of Simm City Performance, a niche powerlifting gym in Australia for the past 6 years. During this time Kane has grown to be one of the most profound powerlifting coaches in the game. Kane has coached athletes from local, state, national to ProRaw. When Kane was 19, he took the Australian national record for the Squat.


“My proudest moments are taking athletes to nationals and ProRAW and walking away with first place.”

Kane’s individual PRs are:

Competition Squat: 245kg

Competition Bench: 155kg

Competition Deadlift: 240kg

About the program

The Advanced Powerlifting Block 1.0 is an 8 week, 4 day split program that will get you past your plateaus. This program focuses on increasing your competition Squat, Bench and Deadlift with a progressive and scientific approach to the load and volume programmed.

This program contains:

  • 8 Week (4 day split) individualised strength program.
  • Built in backdown calculator.
  • Automated loads based off your current training maxes (we have done the number crunching for you).
  • Pre-session check-in (keep track of your good and bad days to piece together your strength gaining journey).

Compatible with the Documents app on your iPhone.

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A 43 page (8 week) individualised advanced powerlifting block to help you overcome your sticking points.

8 Week (4 day split) program
Automated loads
Backdown calculator
Pre-session check-in
16.8 MB
43 pages

Advanced Powerlifting Block 1.0

0 ratings
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